Thoughts on Savage County

So a couple of weeks ago, I started seeing a bunch of tweets talking about a new ARG that was going to be launched after the premiere of Savage County on MTV2. It was being called Help Us Escape and was written by Nina Bargiel (@slackmistress). As I had heard good things about her work […]

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Most of the email I get is from mailing lists or notifications, so imagine my surprise when I got home tonight and saw I had an email from with the subject The Rowan Song. Apparently, I have a fan. Who knew?
Song for Rowan:
I got a robot in my pants
and I’m feeling pretty flirty
don’t wanna […]

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Help Fund Socks, Inc.

You guys remember my friends Tim and 011iver, right? Well Tim’s doppelgänger Jim Babb (whom I also consider a friend) is trying to raise money for a new game he is creating: Socks, Inc.
So if you have 6 minutes of free time, check out the adorable video Jim has created to explain the project. If […]

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Happy Birthday, strifey!

Every year (more or less), I make a puzzle trail for my friend strifey.
This year I’ve created the diabolical LABYRINTH OF DOOM.
And by diabolical, I mean filled with silly puzzles mostly based on coloring pages from such fun activity books such as Disney Princess, Scooby-Doo, Rainbow Brite, and of course, The Care Bears. This […]

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Hello world!

So welcome to my little corner of the world. I figured I needed a place to write down all my thoughs and opinions about what is going on with respect to the Dreamers, and the Outpost just isn’t the place for me anymore. Not with them being all buddy-buddy with our not-so-good friend Peter. I […]

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