What Happened in Piedmont?

While the mystery of what happened in LA is still simmering, there’s something new going on in the backwoods of Utah. A guy named Andrew Tobler, got a strange message from his sister on his answering machine. Okay, maybe the message wasn’t entirely that strange, but he hasn’t been able to get in contact with […]

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Silence on the Quarantine front / Goblin Man of Norway

It seems like lately every time I get interested in something, it dies. Mike is taking a break from writing (and even thinking about leaving LA) while Eric gave us a news video and then promptly shut up. If I were him, I would be a lot more interested in knowing more about what exactly […]

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Case 1017

So I’ve been back from Ireland for a while now, but sadly I haven’t been able to find any more information, either about Howard or anything that happened in Arkham on the night of the eclipse. It’s like everything has just been swallowed up by some big black hole – and that’s almost a bit […]

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