About Me

This is the only time I’m going to point it out: this is an in-character blog. I am fully aware of the nature of the “cases” that I “investigate”. I’ve been at this for quite some time and I don’t think I’m particularly gullible. But as I seem to have an aversion for posting on boards, I needed a place to where I could think and post speculation without having to worry about pissing anyone else off. That’s what IRC is for.

Update – November 10, 2009
Because it seems that people keep finding this blog and maybe don’t get my subtle sense of humor (because I’m sure it’s not because they are just ignoring this page), lemme spell it out in no uncertain terms.

This is blog so that I may play Alternate Reality Games in an in-character manner.

I’m not an idiot, gullible, deluded or confused. I know that I am playing a game, so please stop trying to enlighten me. Your comments on that subject from now on will just get deleted because if you’re too idiotic, gullible, deluded or confused to A: believe every thing you read on the internet, B: Google to find out the truth or C: read this About page, then you don’t deserve to comment on this blog.