3. Red Moon Rising

During our down period, the only information we get comes from sploit’s Dreams. In one he sees a cat who he identifies as Devon in a cage and close to death. Apparently Forsythe Security isn’t being gentle in their interrogations. In another Dream, a Red Moon appeared in the Dreamscape causing everyone to take notice. It’s quickly determined that this might be an omen of the upcoming lunar eclipse on February 21, 2008 and that things might start happening quickly.

As we pondered what might be the end of the world, Peter Severn contacted a couple of Sentries looking for an exchange of information. It seemed he had finished with Devon and had now turned his sights on another piece of Chorazos property: the hard drive that sapagoo recovered from Atlanta. In exchange, Peter would be willing to provide us with medical files on Bryce made during his institutionalization. Despite our distrust of Peter, we agreed to the exchange, and met a Forsythe agent in Sacramento where the hard drive was swapped for the medical file.

While we were setting up the meeting with Peter, we also started hearing from Devon through a voicemail system we had set up during the West Virginia trip. Released from his Forsythe jailers, he went back to working for Chorazos and had been tasked by the Cult to recruit people in order to prove himself. As we debated about what we could do, he gave us information on two different errands: one in Austin to meet with a Photographer and one in NYC to meet with a Sculptor. Sentries were mobilized and returned with a couple of photographs, an article about someone named Anwell Barierascu and an invitation to be a part of an upcoming performance art piece on the night of the lunar eclipse.

A grateful Devon then sends us an email with instructions from the Sculptor that we hope will allow us to infiltrate the Chorazos ritual during the eclipse. We discovered a new website that contained a hidden posting system that allowed jobs to be exchanged anonymously (note: that part of the website is no longer running). The job originator would post an encrypted message stating what they needed to be done. Perspective contractors would respond in their own code in order to bid for the job. When the negotiations were complete, the contractor would be pointed towards a code in order to close the job.

The problem that we ran into in trying to secure the job for the eclipse is that we couldn’t figure out the code to close the job. We had a lot of information about how to figure it out, but there was an error somewhere. Compounding the problem was the fact that all of our contacts dried up. Everyone seemed drop off the face of the earth at the same time: Howard, Peter, Devon, the Sculptor, sploit. No matter how much we tried, no one would talk to us. We were on our own.

There was nothing for us to do except watch the eclipse come and go and wait and see if anyone would ever emerge from the fog that seemed to surround us.

Persons of Interest

  • Anwell Barierascu – Head of the Barierascu Charitable Fund, believed to be a front for the Chorazos Cult.
  • Devon Conrad – Chorazos Cult member and Dreamer. Arranged for Sentries to meet additional Chorazos members.
  • Bryce Droher – Sentry institutionalized after suffering a mental breakdown caused by a Chorazos infection on his web server.
  • The Photographer – Chorazos Cult member. Met in Austin by a Sentry running one of Devon’s errands.
  • The Sculptor – Chorazos Cult member. Met in NYC by a Sentry running one of Devon’s errands. Offered Sentries a job in an art project during eclipse, but it never occurred.
  • Peter Severn – CEO of Forsythe Security. Known to the Sentries as being a bit of a prick.
  • sploit – Dreamer and video game designer with a crush on Bridget. Runs two blogs: his own and a site for the Dreamers.