1. The Providence Prophecies

In early April 2007, a number of people received a package in the mail from an unknown sender. The packages led us to two websites:

  • BSeeingU – site of the psychic B.A. St. Feline. Despite having her own website, she mainly communicated to us through Craigslist postings where she describes living out in a Dreamscape.
  • Sentry Outpost – a group of individuals focused on neutralizing malicious technology.

As we read more of B.A. St. Feline’s posts, we discovered that her dreams had real life connections, and a Sentry was able to recover an artifact in NYC: a finger from a statue (later found to be a statue called the Angel Hope) and a note from someone named DC. Responding to the Craigslists, we were able to manipulate the dream world she was living in and gave her the finger in the Dreamscape.

The Sentries meanwhile were recovering from major server issues. Something was causing them to consume massive amounts of bandwidth. This problem affected other websites on the same server whose owner joined the Outpost to help track down the problems. Eventually it was found that there were several different server infections as well as a program on many Sentries’ computers that was designed to interact with the infections.

This Lucky 5 program did much more than just interact with the servers. It also caused physical side effects. These side effects hit more than one Sentry: Bryce had a nervous breakdown and Kevin committed suicide.

As more was learned about Lucky 5, we were able to build simulators that would let us know when it would strike another Sentry. It was determined that the next strike would be at Howard on August 28, yet on August 27, 2007, Lucky 5 went active on a computer in Atlanta, Georgia. Using Craigslist dreams from B.A. St. Feline, Sentry sapagoo was able to find a storage facility in Atlanta and his presence disrupted a ritual being preformed by the Chorazos Cult – the same cult responsible for the BOIL infection and Lucky 5. He recovered a hard drive from the Storage Facility, while someone later sent him additional photos from the site.

Despite the success of disrupting the ritual, the Sentries suffered through a devastating week. Alan went missing permanently after asking too many questions of unknown individuals. Jennifer was killed after a struggle with a burglar in her home. Stu had a fatal allergic reaction to a pickle. Marie was reported missing after her apartment was discovered with several broken windows.

Five Sentries dead and one institutionalized. Is it any wonder we took a couple of months off to lick our wounds?

Persons of Interest


  • DC / Harrisonburg Man – Sender of the original packages that led us to Sentry Outpost. Left the statue finger in NYC. Later communicates through Craigslists postings based out of Harrisonburg.
  • Bryce Droher (TheMagician) – System Administrator in Los Angeles, California. On May 25, 2007, he suffered a mental breakdown and was institutionalized.
  • B.A. St. Feline – Psychic. Has the website BSeeingU and communicates her dreams through Missed Connections Craigslists with the tag “bseeingu”.
  • Arthur Lydney (Y2Kveteran) – A Network Security consultant in Boulder, Colorado. Left the Outpost to work at Forsythe Security
  • Howard Phillips (HPhack) – Resident Emo. Works as a programmer in Boston, Massachusetts. Attended Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA.
  • Peter Severn – Ex-Sentry who had his posts removed from the Outpost. CEO of Forsythe Security.


  • Alan Camacho (PoliticalTexan) – Political Consultant from Austin, Texas. Believed to have been killed around August 22, 2007 by those working against Chorazos after asking too many questions.
  • Kevin Cosby (GetMeOut) – Performance Artist and Social Hacker in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Committed suicide on June 28 2007.
  • Marie Kim (Mkaos) – The “mother” of the group from San Francisco, California. Killed sometime between August 28 and September 2, 2007.
  • Jennifer Pike (EconJen) – Expert in E-Commerce and Network Security in New York City, New York. On August 26, 2007, she surprised a burglar in her home and was killed.
  • Stu Ronomi (StuR) – Joined the Outpost after his website was affected by the same problems as Sentry Outpost. Died on August 28, 2007 after suffering an allergic reaction to a pickle.