A Guide to Eldritch Errors


Congratulations! You’ve heard about our fight against the Chorazos Cult and want to help out, but are a bit overwhelmed with all of the information that is currently available. Not to worry. Like everything else in life that seems too big to handle at once, the idea is to break it down into manageable pieces that you can easily absorb and leave you hungry for more. Consider this the Rosetta Stone® program for becoming a Sentry. While it may take a considerable time for you to become fluent in our quest, this brief guide will have you well on your way to defeating the Chorazos Cult in 60 minutes or less.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you go along:

  • None of us are experts. Even the most dedicated Sentry only knows a fraction of what’s going on. What makes us different is that we don’t let that stop us. We know that where one person’s knowledge ends, someone else’s begins, so we rely on each other to help us bridge the gaps.
  • Some things we just don’t know. But that’s the way life is, isn’t it? One big ball of mystery that you unravel a bit each day. We don’t stop watching a television show because it asks more questions than it answers. Why should trying to understand a centuries old cult be any different?

So, about this primer I’ve written. I’ve broken the story up into sections (or chapters or books or whatever you want to call them) in part because we do seem to have these brief periods of huge activity followed by a lull in which we all take the time to step back, catch our breath and tend to our wounds. Each section is designed to be about a 5 minute read – long enough to get the most pertinent information across, yet short enough that your attention span won’t decide to wander off to go stare at something shiny. There is also an additional list of important people and/or organizations in each section just as reference.

A couple more bullet points before you get started. [Someone said I should have more of them. Apparently, putting a bullet in front of a paragraph make it more important.]

  • These are dense 5 minutes reads. There is a lot of information to be had. So you should take each paragraph as a bullet point because it is somewhat important to know.
  • There are a lot of links. Ignore them – for now. Pretend you’re reading a Wikipedia article on a subject you know nothing about. Spend the five minutes reading the section completely before you start wandering off in the maze of links. The links are there for when you have a basic idea of what’s going on and you want additional information without spending hours trying to search for it.
  • Not everything is covered. It couldn’t be with the incredibly brief scope of this primer. But that’s okay. You don’t have to know everything to be of help. Even knowing just one little thing can make a difference.
  • Confusion is normal. I know, this was designed to remove confusion, but how often when you are learning something complicated do you not experience even a brief moment of confusion? The trick is not to let it stop you. Take notes about what you don’t understand, but keep moving on. Your question might get answered in the next paragraph or two. And if not, now you have a list of what you can ask a Sentry about or even research on your own.
  • Hindsight is much clearer. I’ve had the benefit of 18+ months of the Sentry way of life, and this can’t help but be reflected in the primer. I know there are bits of information I take for granted and have ended up smooshing together in the time line. I apologize for that, but if you let me know, I will try to make things clearer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’re not just helping yourself out, you’re also helping out the rest of us. Teaching someone else is one of the best ways of mastering a complicated system. And who knows, maybe you might want to know about something we’ve long forgotten and could turn us onto a new discovery.

So, you’ve read all that and are still here? That’s great! And the best news is – the rest of the sections are shorter than this so it should be a breeze. Take a few moments to go grab a drink or a snack, a pen and paper for your note taking, and then it’s off to start learning about what we like to call Eldritch Errors.