Endgame Guide – Page 2 – Sending Emails & Watching Videos

Should probably come up with better names for these posts. Or just go and do an actual guide. That seems a little too much work though. Need to ease into things a bit.

So the second thing the “How Do I Start” page tells me to do is go and watch this persons videos. But before that, let’s find out who is writing this blog. Because I can’t keep referring to them as “this person” or “the author”.

So the author person is a woman named Stella. She won’t give out her last name lest her father freak out. But she does tell us that she lives in Las Vegas and finishing up a doctorate in Ancient Studies. And if she knew anything about the internet, she should know that just that little bit of information would be enough to track her down in the real world if someone wanted to, with or without her last name. She is writing this site because she “learned some things” – things she’s known for a long time but never wanted to admit. But now she needs to share them with the rest of the world. I suppose setting up a website is a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Stella also has an email address you can email her at: 12ancientlines@gmail.com And holy shit! There is actually an auto-responder. Been a long time since I’ve seen one of those that didn’t magically disappear for some reason after a few days.

Stella’s Auto-Response

Thanks for the email. Nice to know that there are at least a few people out there who don’t think I’m a ranting lunatic.

The question is – do you want to hear more, and in the process maybe get to know me a little better? If that's the case, I’ve included a little challenge here. If you can unravel it, then your curiosity will be rewarded.

Oh and...by the way, I’ve just made myself my own shortlink, you know, like bit.ly or goo.gl.

Mine’s stl.la. Pretty easy to remember, which is good because I'll be using it a lot.

Now if I only had something to link it to…


A puzzle! In a normal guide, this is where you would find one of my unpatented hidden text boxes so you wouldn’t be spoiled by the solve, but I’m not setting that up on this blog, so you’ll just have to deal with spoilers.

The symbols are the same that precede the names of the 12 Ancient Lines: Harappan Aksumite Mu Minoan Olmec Cahokian Koori
Taking the first letter of each word, we get: hammock
And using the shortlink Stella has set up, we can go to http://stl.la/hammock which redirects to a confirmation page where you can leave a comment showing you have completed the first puzzle. Stella says that commenting now may come in handy later. Also, you can pretend to be really cool since not that many people have actually commented there (I was number #37 and this has been going on for at least a week now).


So now that we know about Stella and solved the first puzzle, back to the “How Do I Start” checklist. It’s video time!. She has 3 videos up in this section at the time of this writing: PTSD, Who Are the Children? and Aksum: Two Sides of the Truth.

PTSD – Already I don’t know what to say. The text above the video makes it sound like we are going to be watching a professor giving a lecture on PTSD. And the initial screenshot gives that impression too – woman in tweed blazer in front of a room that looks vaguely like an upscale hospital waiting room. Starting the video you get some decent graphics, like what you would find at the start of any online lecture series. So far, so good.

And then she opens her mouth. “I want you to listen to me because this is important. We are all suffering from a species-wide version of PTSD”.

I’ll give you a few minutes to collect yourself from rolling on the ground in laughter. Because the video just gets worse from there. This chick is WHACKED! I was kidding a bit earlier about how a website is cheaper than a psychiatrist, but someone should really pony up some money and get her some professional help, STAT! I would type out a transcript, but I’m not sure I could keep a straight face long enough to actually get my fingers to type correctly on the keyboard. Luckily the Endgame ARG Wiki has them for you (and in looking at that site, it seems that parts of the site have changed, so I’ll try to keep that in mind.)

And oh god, now she’s walking toward the camera. I feel like she’s gonna reach through the screen and try to rip out my soul. Because that’s what crazy people try to do right?

Phew. Video is done. No soul ripping occurred. Or at least I don’t think so. Would I be able to tell if it had? I’m a little worried about going onto the other two videos. I really might die of laughter here.

Who Are the Children – White sweater Stella doesn’t seem as soul-ripping psychotic as tweed blazer Stella does. But she’s a lot more condescending. The “children” she is referring to are any who are “uninitiated to the truth.” Not that it makes you weak or stupid or anything. How can it be your fault if you were taken as a baby and fed lies your entire life? She then goes on to tell us that we must save as many of these “children” as possible. I’m a little bit worried as to how she wants us to “save” them. Jim Jones was telling his followers he wanted to save them from government retaliation before he started handing out the kool-aid.

Aksum – White shirt Stella so far is the least crazy of the Stellas we’ve seen. She basically just gives us a brief history of the Aksum Empire – how it flourished and how the greedy Romans brought it down through corruption. She then goes onto tell us that each of the 12 Lines have a dual lesson to each us in how they rose and how the fell. But don’t let the history lesson fool you. She is still batshit crazy as evidenced by telling us how much our loyalty means to her.

There appear to be more videos under different categories on her site, but I’ll get to those next time. I need to spend a little more time nailing down the timeline of the site as it keep changing (originally, the email puzzle apparently led to a video which then led to the PTSD video) and I like to keep things as chronological as possible (even if game websites don’t). Besides, I’m not sure I can take anymore of her insane videos tonight.

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