Threatening Emails Don’t Phase Me

As some of you may have heard, I have become the International Representative of Work With No Pants. It’s a great honor and a huge responsibility and I couldn’t be happier that I got the position.

Part of the benefits of being the International Representative of Work With No Pants was that I received a free Work With No Pants t-shirt and an all-access account at Xclusion, the employee networking site of Ty Coin INC. (of which Work With No Pants is a subsidiary). My free t-shirt came in the mail on Tuesday, and when I opened up the package, I noticed there was something else hidden away – an origami tiger with the Latin phrase “inimicus animo” or “enemy of the spirit” written on the back.

This was rather strange, especially since the tiger had as its head a photo of Ty Cohen, Jr. – the CEO and President of Ty Coin INC. I posted about the origami tiger a few times on Xclusion and linked my photos in the hopes that someone could explain what was going on.

Imagine my surprise when I received this message in Xclusion from Ty Cohen, Jr.

Email from Ty Cohen

That paper tiger is my private property. You are instructed to hereby burn it. Do not open it. Do not post any more images. It was all a big prank that got out of control. Nothing that concerns you. Is that clear?

And I suggest you follow my instructions, if you value your job, my fine “International Representative”, because I am this close to shutting Jud’s whole operation down over this latest fiasco.

Now, I’m not one to just let someone in a position of ‘authority’ walk all over me like that. As you can see, I responded that I would not post any more images of the paper tiger to And I won’t. However, this is my own private website and I will post whatever I damn well please, including a scan of the inside of the paper tiger.

I apologize for the clarity. The paper is rather stiff and hard to get flat enough on the scanner to get a really clear image. Even putting a heavy book on top of it didn’t really do much it seems. From what I can make out, it appears to be a series of surveillance photos of a guy in a white sweatshirt with a dark baseball cap. I can’t tell if it’s Ty Cohen Jr or not (all of the creases don’t help). The two most interesting photos to me are the ones in the alley with the dragon painted on the wall. It appears white sweatshirt guy meeting/conducting business with dark sweatshirt man. Is this what Ty didn’t want to us see?

What’s really odd is why Ty is so insistent that I not show any more photos of this. You can barely make out what’s going on. So why all the demands for silence? Who made the tiger in the first place? Ty? Someone who is trying to blackmail Ty? Does this possibly have anything to do with Ty Cohen, Sr. recently dying? I don’t know, but I think I want to find out.

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  1. Henry

    “inimicus animo” was slurred from its original latin to “eeny meeny miny moe”, a children’s rhyme with a tiger in it. This just sounds like a prank to me.

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