Corruption Theory’s Proof

Corruption Theory has gone into hiding. His identity has been compromised and he’s trying to protect the life that he has left. Before he left though, he sent Soren Ulfert a link to a puzzle that shows proof that the IHC lottery is a fraud. For some reason, it’s being hosted on Charlie Frost’s website instead of Corruption Theory’s website, but I’ve stopped questioning these odd details.

The puzzle is fairly easy – it’s just a jigsaw puzzle, although as you get more pieces connected, more colors get added into the rest of the pieces, so that helps out a bit. Personally I don’t think it’s the slam dunk proof that Corruption Theory says it is, but what do I know. He does say that he is mailing packages to people that he trusts with additional evidence. After solving all those stupid book ciphers, I had better get a package.


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6 Responses to “Corruption Theory’s Proof”

  1. Alexis

    I think this is all a big publicity stunt the people over at Sony are pulling for their new movie 2012. The picture is from the movie. I really did believe there was a big conspiracy now i feel really fucking stupid!

  2. Wait, are you saying that this website is just a big publicity stunt for Sony Pictures? Because that’s totally not the case. For starters, I don’t have massive quantity of links declaring that this blog is part of a movie experience or linking back to corporate privacy policies or anything that like that would make it totally obvious to anyone who actually looked that this was part of a movie campaign. And secondly, I’m not trying to say I’m someone who just happens to look like a well known movie star. I’m just a simple girl who likes to get to the bottom of things, like I said in my About page.

  3. Alexis

    Let me clarify. I don’t think you are part of the publicity stunt, but i do think that Charlie Frost, Soren Ulfert and The Corruption Theorist and the IHC are!!! All of their pages have umbrella links to the movie!!! And, why would the corruption theorist post a picture from the 2012 movie as his proof that Barbara Lewis- Penn and the Secretary of State are working together. Furthermore, Isabella St. Simon has the same umbrella links on her page too! Why would she have the links to the movie?? I REALLY do believe they were playing games with us. Sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention.

  4. Juancho

    All these “decodes” and shit, it all leads to the same sony pictures website. Its all a freaking scam, dont you understand? Smarter fools than you normal fools are taking advantage of a “big change” that is supposed to occur in about two years from now (who has proof of it, cause it may start tomorrow or while you sleep tonight!!) for you to buy and just consume whatever they want you to!!! This is what society is based on today, consumerisim and selfish “self-centrism”, and that is, ladies and gentleman, what I believe will change in 2012. The world as we picture it will end, however not the world as we know it. An event, that has been predicted by the Mayans tho they dont know what, will occur (it doesnt mean the earth blowing up, no), and we will all experiance a change in our souls since we are changing eras. Laugh at me now, i will see who laughs two years from now

  5. Alexis: You’re right. I do believe that someone is playing games with us – although I don’t always see that as a bad thing (as evidenced by this blog).

    Juancho – I get that you’re calling me a fool, but are you also saying that I’m not smart? I’ll admit that I may be foolish about a great many things, but no one (outside of my brother) has accused me of being dumb. But then again, maybe that’s because I do actually think for myself and understand what’s going on.

    I know that you’re just trying to “save” little old clueless me, but have you actually considered the fact that I don’t need saving? That I don’t need my eyes opened to the cruelty of the Internet? That maybe, just maybe, I know what the fuck I’m talking about? Probably not since you’re too busy Googling terms you found on “scam” websites to find confused and deluded souls that you can enlighten instead of actually checking to see that they aren’t deluded after all.

  6. lets just say if some kind of government knows if 2012 is would they prepare it?could they have be building spaceships ? if they have been building spaceshps they must of known this for a while? and 2012 have the same story of noah who was one of the charecters in a bible who build a boat and warned the people of the flood. so he went and bring some animals and other people with him, to escape from the flood.