Project Naaczaal – Miami Decode

Good thing Corruption Theory was able to get to Miami or had a better contact in the area than I did, because I’m not sure how else we would have gotten the files otherwise. Whoever encoded this must have had more time to work, because I only count about 8 mistakes this time. Of course, one of those mistakes I can’t quite make out what it’s supposed to be saying, so I guess that’s a negative.

Update: Ha! It turns out there were a lot more than 8 mistakes in this message. The code we got from Corruption Theory was missing a whole sentence fragment. Sorta wonder how he managed to solve the code with a huge chunk missing from it. I’ve added the missing bit in italics (and fixed that earlier typo I couldn’t figure out).

Re: Project Naaczaal

Status Briefing, October 25

We are sending out a new geological report that underlines the urgency of the project and confirms the necessity of our ambitious timeline for construction. This new data indicates there is no room for the project timeline for to slip. Team leads that do not meet scheduled milestones may face severe consequences, up to and including loss of red [sic] passes.

All staff, please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should be deleted after reading.

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