Project Naaczaal – Washington, DC Decode

Weird. Wonder why the Project Naaczaal peeps have switched over to a hex based system. Maybe because the members got sick of parsing numbers with ROTs? I dunno. At least now we have the password to Aerospace Robotics Corp to go along with the username from before: safehaven2012

RE: Project Naaczaal
Status Briefing, October 14

As per previous notice, due to a critical breach we are performing an immediate Level 3 security sweep. As a result, your access information for our secure file system has been changed.

your new password for the system is:Bs,w!ws+4.

for security purposes, your username has been sent under separate cover. if you have not received it, please inform HQ immediately.

All staff, please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should be deleted after reading.

Update: Wow, you can’t stay logged in very long to the Project Naaczaal site. When you get in, you can download seven different PDFs.

Username: safehaven2012
Password: Bs,w!ws+4.
[Please note that the ending period is part of the password.]

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