The IHC Pyramid

Not that I have any plans to become the Leader of the Post-2012 World, but I went ahead and took the challenges that the Institute for Human Continuity had up on their website. The tests weren’t that difficult but they were annoying. I really got sick of playing Dots against the computer. That last little bit where you’re trying to find the one spot left where you won’t form 3 sides of the square is time consuming and boring. The Bridges puzzles were easy – except for the fact that it was so hard to see what you were doing. Black lines against a dark background (on the left) combined with closely spaced lines (do I have one or two lines there?) and the small red finished indicator meant I spent most of my time trying to figure out where I had open islands left to place bridges.

At least I didn’t have the submitting issues that a lot of people had. So I probably did fairly decently despite the fact that I acquired zero advocates. I really had no desire to start spamming people to get them to vote for me. But I did get the final pyramid image. Seems to be different from the rest of the ones I’ve seen. But I could be wrong.

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