Recon Team Strider Three

Oops! It looks like Skynet Research is having some issues with their website. Don’t you hate it when someone hacks in and leaves messages for individuals who don’t like you very much? I gotta say though, it doesn’t fill me with a whole lot of confidence if a company like Skynet can’t keep their hosting […]

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More Stop TARP ARG Video from SXSW

Thomas Hunter and Patrick Flynn are two hard-working guys on the ground at SXSW making sure that the public knows about the vileness that is the TARP ARG. While some might consider them to be a little overzealous, they are obviously getting to the panel members. Steve Peters has twittered “seriously wondering if doing this […]

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PSA for StopTarpARG

Thank you to the following individuals for use of their photos: mikebaird – rolands.lakis – curly_exp( l)osure – Pink Sherbet Photography – dqmountaingirl – dave-rogers – nyki_m – papazimouris – Pink Sherbert Photography – shanethemainmanstock

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The TARP “Puppetmasters” True Identities

Even though I have a bounty on my head, this issue is important enough to come out of hiding. The Troubled Assets Relief Program Alternate Reality Game is going to corrupt our nations children and I have pledged to help do all they can to stop the TARP ARG.
I have the dubious honor of […]

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Stop the TARP ARG!

This is serious. There is an “Alternate Reality Game” being held at SXSW this year that is sponsored by the government. This “ARG” is set to corrupt the minds of the nations children and is being run by people who hate mimes, kill Bambi, dance in masks and some other unsavory people. It’s a total […]

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Happy Birthday, strifey!

Every year (more or less), I make a puzzle trail for my friend strifey.
This year I’ve created the diabolical LABYRINTH OF DOOM.
And by diabolical, I mean filled with silly puzzles mostly based on coloring pages from such fun activity books such as Disney Princess, Scooby-Doo, Rainbow Brite, and of course, The Care Bears. This […]

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