Who Scheduled This Thing?

Really Forsythe? A big meeting the Friday before Christmas in NYC? Did you also make a sacrifice to the bad weather gods at the same time?

Because I am dedicated to pissing you guys off after what you did to Devon right in front of me, I’ve decided to head to NYC no matter what the cost. Which is mounting considering I’ve had to take the day off of work and am now forced to take the Shortline bus from Binghamton to NYC because I can’t make the drive myself. I can sleep on the bus (which is a good thing since the early one leaves at 3am) but it also means that I have to ration what I can bring (since I can’t use my car as short term storage). No laptop. No book to read. No pie.

Let me repeat that last bit: NO FREAKING PIE!!! How are we gonna subdue the Tarot Killer without pie? Stupid fucking Forsythe.

I am bringing my camera, cell phone, various print outs, NYC map, and a small change of clothes. If I knew someone would let me stash my stuff in their place while we were out hunting for Art/Bryce/Peterbutt, I might make a pie. Or at least cookies. I make good cookies.

So if you have a place where I could drop my crap off, lemme know. Right now, I’m planning on getting into Port Authority around 7am. There is a later bus that arrives at 10am, but I don’t know what time the Forsythe Pie Party is starting, and I don’t want to be delayed due to weather. Leaving the city, I have two options, 8:30pm and 11:00pm, unless someone has a couch that I can crash on. But I gotta think that I can make the 11pm bus without too much of a problem.

So if you are in NYC and want to help a girl out at all, lemme know. Map and Biff (and possibly sid and varin) have my cell number. I’ll try to check in with them or at NC as much as I can. Feel free to call me, but try to keep text messages to a minimum. I have a lot of minutes, but no data plan.

I really hope this is worth it in the end.

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