Timeline of the Tarot Killer

It’s been a little less than a month since we first heard about the Tarot Killer (henceforth known as TK) yet overall we know very little about his movements (and thus perhaps his possible motivations). I’m going to attempt to chronicle his movements against a larger background to see if it sheds any light on the Tarot Killer. I will be using information gathered from Sentry Outpost, Pope Tattles and Riley’s Signals. As I am unable to independently verify the claims these sites make (either in reference to TK or to other events), my theories and analysis will obviously only be as good the information the sites have provided. While I don’t believe anyone has outright lied, I do believe some information has been held back, but I have no way of knowing if that information would be helpful or harmful to my investigations.

I should point out that I did attempt to contact Mr. Eddie Pope in an effort to verify some of the information that is rather fuzzy in his articles. As of the publication of this post, Mr. Pope had not responded to my email, although he did put out Issue #7 of Pope Tattles.

Note: After reading the Pope Tattles breaking news more carefully and the I Point cache report from Transtar, I’ve slightly changed some of my conclusions at the end.

Although we do not know for certain the identify of TK, we can make an educated guess about who the individual is. All of the cities reported were also the cities that a Sentry lived in at the time of their death, so it would seem that a Sentry might be responsible. While you could argue that there are any number of groups who have people living in those exact cities, it is significant to note that the cities were visited in the reverse order of the Sentries’ deaths/disappearances.

  • 3 June 19:23UT – San Francisco, CA (Marie Kim – Sept 2, 2007)
  • 3 July 2:19UT – Provo, UT (Stu Ronomi – August 28, 2007)
  • 1 August 10:13UT – New York City, NY (Jennifer Pike – August 26, 2007)
  • 30 August 19:58UT – Austin, TX (Alan Camacho – August 22, 2007)
  • 29 September 8:12UT – Chapel Hill, NC (Kevin Cosby – June 28, 2007)

The reports of blood and copious amount of bird parts at the TK sites would seem to narrow it down to one individual: Bryce Droher who suffered a nervous breakdown on May 27, 2007.

There’s blood and birds everywhere. Some of the birds have had their heads shoved back on but most were just laying there with the head next to the body. I’ve never seen anything like it and the smell is something that I will never forget. [link]

His office was the worst. […] There must have been 20 birds in there alone. Feathers were stuck to everything. The keyboard was still sticky. His monitor was covered with bloody fingerprints. It was just awful. [link]

Bryce had been opening up about his fascination with birds in the days leading up to his breakdown. We know that his uncle was a magician who raised doves for his magic act. Bryce was quite affected by the realization that his uncle killed the birds during the magic shows. The final post Bryce made to the Outpost shows how much he had been thinking about the birds and their deaths.

So I’m rethinking this whole dead bird thing. It is symbolic!

It is the key to unlocking something!

It ends up, the oldest recorded magic isn’t the grifter’s trick of the cups and balls after all.

They don’t have to stay dead!

Dedi had it right in 2700 BC.

Who knows, maybe my uncle didn’t leave the dead doves that way for long either. Maybe he brought them back and set them free!

Although Bryce was committed to Pickman Psychiatric Treatment Facility on May 27, 2007, he was released May 27, 2008 after his insurance lapsed. [This event is a bit surprising considering his doctor believed he was a Danger to Others and Gravely Disabled on August 30, 2007 – although it is possible that his condition improved after that date.] This was just one week before the first incident in San Francisco, California.

So if Bryce is the Tarot Killer, then what exactly is he doing? If he is still fascinated by Dedi’s ability to bring creatures back to life, he could be trying to resurrect the dead Sentries. The energy of the new moon is idea for ideal for new beginnings, which could be why he chose those dates instead of the more powerful full moon. Were these rituals designed to bring back the dead Sentries? Or was it merely a prelude? Either a dry run at bringing back dead birds or perhaps laying the groundwork for another ritual later on?

It should also be noted that despite all the crime scenes, there were never any human victims found, nor was it confirmed that the blood found at the scene was indeed human. The Tarot Killer may be less killer and more animal mutilator than the Pope Tattles lets on, but Tarot Bird Beheader doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Regardless of who TK is, what we do know is that after the Chapel Hill incident, he suddenly changed his MO and started visiting various Indian Burial Mounds. We also know that these sites have been under the investigation of Elizabeth Riley as the source of signals. Furthermore, Arthur Lydney (or someone who can update his website) also had an interest in these mounds as clues to caches containing mementos of the dead Sentries have been appearing in secret folder on the website. Even the Dreamers using Nightmare Confessions have reported events that seem to tie back into real world events. It’s too much of a coincidence to believe that these interests are unrelated, but just exactly what their relationship is to each is up for debate.

Putting together a timeline from the various sources gives us a more complete picture about what is happening where, and what each event might be influencing. A more complete rundown is available on the Timeline of TK Events.

November 9-15

  • Sound Scout Lillian takes recordings of I Point and D Point.

November 14:

  • Directions toKevin at I Point received.
  • TK spotted in Los Angeles Hotel and later at Marie Callendars.
  • Dreamers report an earthquake in the Dreamscape

November 15:

  • TK driving on I-40 East.

November 16:

  • Transtar retrieves cache at I Point. No tarot card or splooge handprint.
  • TK still driving on I-40 East.

November 17:

  • TK and Eddie Pope arrive at I Point. Cache site is empty. TK’s ritual is seemingly interrupted by Mr. Pope.

November 19:

  • Directions toAlan at D Point received.
  • TK spotted in Mount Gilead, NC.
  • Dreamers report drums change nature of Dreamscape.

November 20:

  • TK spotted in diner in Mount Gilead, NC. Leaves behind letter addressed to Alan which is retrieved by Mr. Pope.
  • Lillian reports D Point has changed from first recording.

November 23:

  • Biff retrieves cache at D Point. Page of Swords tarot and splooge handprint on broken record.

November 26:

  • Directions toJennifer at R Point received.
  • TK spotted in Anderson, IN with bloody teddy bear. Mr. Pope travels there to investigate.
  • Dreamers report having a rough night in the Dreamscape.

November 27:

  • Chixor retrieves cache at R Point. Tower tarot and splooge handprint on check book register.
  • Lillian releases R Point recording.

December 3:

  • Lillian records H Point.

December 4:

  • Directions toStu at H Point received.
  • TK spotted chanting at Cahioka Mounds by Lillian.
  • Lillian records changed H Point after TK leaves.
  • Dreamers report another bad night in Dreamscape.

December 6:

  • Wolfhawk retrieves cache at H Point. Devil tarot in cache but no reports of splooge handprint.

December 10:

  • Directions toMarie at I Point received.
  • Mr. Pope arrives at I point.
  • Mr. Pope spots a man digging up a long, metal cylinder around noon.
  • Mr. Pope finds the location of the toMarie cache.

December 11:

  • TK arrives at I point at dawn.
  • Tk takes cache and performs ritual that is recorded by Mr. Pope. A blue light appears from the ground and an item appears in TK’s hand.
  • TK adds tarot card and replaces cache.
  • Transtar retrieves cache at I Point. Moon tarot and splooge handprint on cd booklet.

We can make a series of hypotheses based upon this timeline (if it is indeed correct):

1. TK’s chanting ritual changes the Signals at the points.

    This is seen most dramatically from Lillian’s recordings of H Point. D Point also changed after being visited by TK. Unfortunately, we do not have more before and after records to make comparisons, but the H Point analysis would seem to be enough.

2. TK is not leaving the caches, but he is leaving the Tarot cards and possibly taking items from them.

    Unless he had dropped the toKevin cache after the incident at the Moorehead Planetarium, TK could not have left the cache that Transtar found. With the subsequent drops, TK was spotted in the vicinity before the cache was retrieved and in those caches a tarot card was found. He was also spotted on at least two occasions with items that could be connected to the caches (Alan’s letter and the teddy bear that could have belonged to Jen). The latest report from Mr. Pope is that nothing was removed from the cache, just the tarot card added. Did TK not need to take anything from this specific cache? Or does the blue light give him an item from the dead Sentry? Or is Mr. Pope lying to us – could he have been taking items from the caches and blaming it on TK?

3. Mr. Eddie Pope is leaving the splooge handprints.

    While the tarot cards were found at 4 of the 5 caches, the splooge handprint was only found at 3 sites. As neither TK nor Mr. Pope were at the first site, this is not unusual. TK was at the other 4 sites (as evidenced by the tarot cards) but did not leave a handprint at the fourth. Mr. Pope conducted interviews at sites 2 and 3. While he does not give exact dates for these interviews, it is possible he made it to the sites before any Sentry did. Mr. Pope admits that he “wasn’t in the area” for the fourth cache, meaning that he could not have left a sploogy handprint on the items. We know that Mr. Pope made it to the fifth cache before the Sentry did, so he could have easily left the splooge when he was looking through the items in the box.

4. The caches are being left by Howard & Exu.

    Although not reported above in the timeline, we received evidence from Dr. Riley that Jakub/Exu and Howard might in fact be behind the caches: “I was very pleased to hear from my dear friend, Jakub, that he has been keeping Howard distracted from all his cares, by running him around the country on some sort of on-going project.” Is Howard the man that Mr. Pope saw digging up the long cylinder? What was that for and why did the man look so frightened? And why they are doing this, or why Art is being utilized to send out that information is still unknown.

5. The leaving of caches has an effect on the Dreamscape.

    The fact that an earthquake occurred in the Dreamscape on November 14th while TK was 2200 miles away would seem to indicate that his rituals are not causing the chaos there. Are Exu and Howard performing their own ritual when they leave the caches? Or is just the mere presence of Exu, aka The Drummer, at these powerful points enough to disrupt the dreamscape?

The biggest question that we still have no answer for is why all of this is occurring? Will TK’s rituals bring back the dead Sentries? Are Howard and Exu helping TK or do they have their own agendas? What exactly has Mr. Pope not been telling us and what is on his hands? Will the caches continue past Marie? What will I Point sound like the next time it is recorded? Are the Dreamers going to be safe in the Dreamscape?

Hopefully we’ll get the answers soon, and that they’ll be something that we can live with.

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