Who Is The Mole?

So we’re down to the final three people on The Mole (and I’m down to the last day in July to get a second post out). I’ve definitely revised my suspect list since my last post, although I’ve been set for the past 3 weeks – ever since the clip show actually. Mark is the mole.

Of course, this is based on what has been actually shown in the series, which could very easily be manipulated by the editing process. I said in my previous post that Mark was the most obvious candidate, and based upon what was shown in “Take a Closer Look,” I’m really believing that he is.

I think the evidence that convinced me was Mark talking to his coalition partners, Bobby and Clay.

Bobby: How do I know you’re not the mole tho?
Mark: I wouldn’t lie to you.

Clay: And I will tell you, I’ll look you right in the face and tell you I’m not the mole.
Mark: You’ve got it from me too. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Mark wasn’t shown in either case to actually say “I am not the Mole.” It’s certainly possible that he made that statement off camera, but combined with everything else that Mark has done, I think it points to the fact that he is The Mole and is skating on a technicality.

Mark has been playing a very long game if you look back on all the missions. In ‘When Pigs Fly,’ he ended up getting lost on the way back to the start, although he blamed it on Ali. During ‘Go Figure,’ he blamed getting lost on Paul. The refusal to do the ‘Dress Code’ mission (after first seeming okay with the whole semi-naked bit) made it easier for him to refuse to ‘Travelers’.

The journal burning was almost a perfect set up for ‘All for One’. Everyone knew how much he valued his journal and how upset he got when it was burned. Everyone therefore pretty much expected him to take the exemption at the end and they left him to do it. The fact that he didn’t sabotage that mission would throw people off that he was the mole, leaving him to work undetected longer (especially since Nicole was still around and willing to sabotage practically everything). I am a little surprised that he was so helpful in ‘The Grapes of Cash’ but it’s possible that he wanted to contrast himself against Nicole and Craig who were utterly sucking during the puzzles.

I guess in terms of pure money lost for the team, Nicole would have to be the winner. It’s certainly possible that she’s decided to hide in plain sight. Besides ‘Ticket to Ride,’ ‘Dress Code’ and ‘All for One,’ I can’t think of a mission she hasn’t sabotaged in some way. And she’s even admitted sabotage straight out, so she’s certainly not hiding what she’s doing. But I do believe that she is quite competitive. I think she would be the type of person to both outwit the players and outplay the Mole at their own game – that way she wins doubly. If she were the Mole, I would expect her to play much more sneakily, not daring everyone to pick her (thereby securing their own doom).

Then there is Craig. Craig is lovable. Craig is a sweetheart. Craig could easily lose missions and blame them on his lack of physical prowess – yet that’s hardly been the case. The money he has lost has usually been for mental lapses (Fruit of the Luge, How’s the View) not because he couldn’t physically do the challenge (Dress Code, Midas Rush). The one thing that confuses me about Craig is that he said that Mark was the Mole in the last episode. Does he really believe that? Is he trying to throw off Nicole/Mark by stating who he doesn’t believe the Mole is?

I would say I’m 90% sure that Mark is the Mole. Nicole comes in at 8% while Craig is 2%. Watching the last few weeks with Mark on my mind, it just seems that almost everything he says confirms my suspicions. Nicole (like her playing style) is never consistent. She declares to her mother that she’s going to throw the quiz, but in the end she doesn’t. I guess it could be seen as the Mole not being able to leave the game until it’s done, but it just seems really odd that it was expressed to her mother (and the tv audience). Why put on a show like that just for us?

So, I’m calling Mark as the Mole and Craig as the winner (I think Nicole has been pairing with Craig because she’s convinced he’s the Mole). I guess I’ll find out in 2 weeks (well, week and a half. I don’t think they’ll give away who the Mole is until the reunion show).

With any luck, I’ll be right. And with even more luck, I’ll get a post up about something other than The Mole next month.

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