What Happened in Piedmont?

While the mystery of what happened in LA is still simmering, there’s something new going on in the backwoods of Utah. A guy named Andrew Tobler, got a strange message from his sister on his answering machine. Okay, maybe the message wasn’t entirely that strange, but he hasn’t been able to get in contact with anyone from Piedmont since that day. And that surely is odd.

What’s more, it appears that the government has quarantined the town, under the guise of a training exercise. Sorta makes you wonder if whatever happened in LA happened in Piedmont, except on a much larger scale. Or if they transported those involved in the LA incident to Piedmont. But that wouldn’t make sense. Be much easier to control the situation on a military base than in a civilian town. So scratch that last part. But someone going from LA to Piedmont is a possibility. There’s also the meteor theory as well. Wonder if any space debris has fallen on LA lately?

On a side note, I am so writing into Jack Nash and seeing if I can get an autographed picture of him. Is there anyone who has read his book? I’m in need of a good book since I finished Cathy’s Key.

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