Silence on the Quarantine front / Goblin Man of Norway

It seems like lately every time I get interested in something, it dies. Mike is taking a break from writing (and even thinking about leaving LA) while Eric gave us a news video and then promptly shut up. If I were him, I would be a lot more interested in knowing more about what exactly happened since the video shows practically nothing. What happened to tracking down those who were at the complex when the hazmat team went in? Or talking to the families of those that have gone missing? I really hope he’s either just laying low (and not trying to attract the attention of a government that can cover this kind of stuff up) or out getting a job. I would hate to think that he went the way of poor Howard and the Forsythe chaps in just falling off the face of the earth.

Too keep myself occupied now that I don’t have Eric’s strangely familiar face talking to me from Youtube anymore, I’ve been reading, watching tv and going to the movies. One of the most interesting movies I’ve seen wasn’t at the cheap theatre, but online: The Goblin Man of Norway, directed by Howard Byrackk. Sadly, they only have the first part of the documentary up, but I am anxious to see the rest of it. The only thing I’m not really enamored of is that it looks like they recorded it by filming a projection of the film. You can see dust on the image and it jitters (most noticeable when the subtitles are visible). There was no other way to digitize the film?

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