Case 1017

So I’ve been back from Ireland for a while now, but sadly I haven’t been able to find any more information, either about Howard or anything that happened in Arkham on the night of the eclipse. It’s like everything has just been swallowed up by some big black hole – and that’s almost a bit scarier than finding out everyone has died. I still haven’t completely given up on these eldritch contacts, but I sort of feel myself falling down that black hole of apathy. If the time comes and some more information comes out of the woodwork, I’m sure I’ll be back, ready to see where it leads me (because I do still care about the fates of BA and DC despite the silence).

In the meantime though, maybe I can be of use to someone else. There is this guy named Eric Brody out in Los Angeles who, after getting fired from his job logging evidence from the LAPD, found a video tape of an alleged shooting involving the CDC somewhere in LA. But he’s been unable to find any other information about it – no eye witnesses, no news reports, nothing except this video tape. Brings back memories of searching for information about Howard. But unlike me when faced with a black hole of nothingness, Eric has become more obsessed rather than apathetic. Which is probably a good thing if one wants to get to the bottom of a mystery.

And he’s not alone in his quest. There’s a retired cop named Mike Davidson who has written about “Case 1017″ in his blog Apparently there are two missing men from the night in question: a police officer named Jim McCreedy, and a firefighter. And as he’s known as being one of the best at missing persons cases, he’s agreed to at least check around for some information about the missing men. So if you have any information, you can email him at – or Eric at for that matter.

What’s so weird for me about this isn’t the video or the missing people or the lack of information. That kind of stuff happens all the time. For me it’s Eric – because despite the fact that I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen him before, he seems so maddeningly familiar. It probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been having really odd dreams lately – dreams about people I haven’t seen in close to 15 years. The first time I dreamed about “B” seemed odd enough. But the second and third times is really making me wonder if I shouldn’t try to track B down and see what they are up to – and why I keep dreaming about them.

Now, B and Eric are nothing alike, but watching the videos of Eric make me feel like I’m remembering something out of a dream. When I first started watching them, he just seemed like some random guy making a silly video blog. But the longer I watched, the more it felt like I knew him. The sound of his voice, his mannerisms of playing with his ear and beard, even the way he looked in his glasses – I somehow knew all of that. But yet, I have no idea how. It’s a bit like seeing an actor in a movie and trying to remember what else you’ve seen them in, but in this case I don’t think I’ve ever met or even seen Eric before.

As an aside, watching old TV shows on Hulu is a fun way to see actors way back when. I remembered that Gary Cole was in American Gothic, but not Sarah Paulson, Jake Weber, or Nick Searcy.

So now I’m not only interested in Case 1017, I’m really curious as to why Eric seems so bloody familiar. Does he have a twin brother who is an actor? Did I meet his doppelg√ɬ§nger while I was in college or something? Seriously, it’s beginning to bug me as to how I ‘know’ him – so if you happen to recognize him (or someone like him), lemme know.

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