A Day in the Death

I know I haven’t written much in here as of late. For a while it was because I was so busy with Safeget that I didn’t really have time. And then I got so annoyed with The Sculptor not getting back with us, that I stopped caring. It probably didn’t help matters here that I’m off to Ireland in two days and have been all excited about that.

However, things all changed when I got a scan of a newspaper clipping from my sister today. Earlier in the month, I had told her I might be coming down to the City for the eclipse to view an art exhibit. When The Sculptor went all Marcel Marceau on us, I cancelled the trip. I was talking to her yesterday just to chat before I go on vacation, and she was asking me more about my aborted NYC visit. I was telling a little bit about what I knew about the exhibit and The Sculptor, and I mentioned that it seemed that everyone remotely involved, including Emo Howard, had dropped off the face of the Earth.

Today she sent me an email with an attached newspaper clipping, asking if I knew anything about it. All I can say now is – I’m really glad I didn’t go down to NYC during the eclipse.

Howard’s Obituary

I’m having her go back to see if she can find any articles from right after the eclipse (although it’ll be over a week before I can put anything on here). Once I get back from Ireland, I’ll start checking other news archives to maybe see if anyone else ended up like poor Howard.

I’m so sorry Howard. This was never supposed to happen.

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